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We Build Custom Compost soils and carry soil amenities for all of your growing needs!
whether it be for an organic / all natural veggie garden, personal or Commercial Landscaping or for medicinal purposes 215 / 420 this is your product!

Welcome back and thanks to all of the Satisfied customers of ours that continue using Silly Soil!
Silly Soil is a Compost blend for challenging areas that may have a hard time growing in. Our soil blend not only build a strong healthy root stock that grows a lush vibrant plant, it will also help keep insects and decease down and increase production 
Yields! We add Perlite for moisture retention!

Our blends are certifiable with the use of omri listed products, but we offer it in a more ALL NATURAL PRODUCT!

Ingredients include Fish meal, Sea kelp, Forest Humus, Mushroom Compost, Manures, Bone Meal all natural agricultural by products all in which are completely composted and brought to temperatures “monitored” over 131*.  These products are tested regularly for NPK and pH results! We take pride in our products and repeat business! Thank you all that have tried and love this product! Be sure to check out the video at the video link above and thanks for visiting, happy growing! 

WE DELIVER,  high cube Transfer loads up to 50 yards or full Semi loads up to depending on moisture 100 yards!

We only have 1 distributor in Northern California. For more info on our products or to place orders feel free to contact:
Glenn @ 530-330-5114 to set up your amount and delivery date!


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